Artificial Intelligence, Big data, and the robot uprising

AI. Something you use in your daily life, but maybe not something you've even heard of. IBM Watson, Siri, Google Now, those are all basic forms of AI. But it's getting better. And it's worrying people. Especially the government. Recently the white house released a report titled "Big Data: A Report on Algorithmic Systems, Opportunity, and Civil Rights". In essence, it shows how the big names in politics are worried about the criminal aspects of AI and Big Data. This is shown here:

"What really matters about big data is what it does. Aside from how we define big data as a technological phenomenon, the wide variety of potential uses for big data analytics raises crucial questions about whether our legal, ethical, and social norms are sufficient to protect privacy and other values in a big data world. Unprecedented computational power and sophistication make possible unexpected discoveries, innovations, and ad- vancements in our quality of life. But these capabilities, most of which are not visible or available to the average consumer, also create an asymmetry of power between those who hold the data and those who intentionally or inadvertently supply it."  -The White House

But it's not only the government who is worried about this. Two of the biggest names in science and technology are also researching ways to combat the AI takeover. Elon Musk, and Steven Hawking. But I'm more worried about the Robot Uprising. I'm not talking about the Matrix, but rather robots making humans obsolete. Regardless of how much you study, or practice, when put up against a robot, you'll lose 99% of the time. It's inevitable that manual labour jobs are going to go to the 'bots as opposed to the people. But this isn't such a bad thing. In poor countries where factory workers have terrible work conditions, and low pay, they will be able to pursue an education instead of being forced into work. The robots could gradually increase the quality of life for people around the world. Not only by making jobs better, but also around the home. Companies like iRobot, who makes the roomba, and jibo, who make the worlds first social robot, are changing the face of robotics and making them less scary. On that happy note, here's a video of a cat riding a roomba.

Oh yeah, and may the fourth be with you.